Married & Loving It!

Whether you are treading solo with the expectation of finding true love; wanting to rekindle the passion in your current marriage; or looking to make the most of your moments together while raising confident children – Bennie Cross has provided a simple guide to achieving your family dreams in “Being Married & Loving It!”

This book will instruct as well as inspire you to establish or re-establish a strong household structure. Here, the benefits, battles and beauties of the marital dynamic will be explored. By implementing the innovative suggestions in this book, each spouse will have an opportunity to contribute to the success of the entire family unit.

You will discover a treasury of advice that is practical and proven. Cross has issued gems of wisdom by giving us sound ways to express love, communicate effectively and live the dream life of wedded bliss.

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"How Bennie and I Met" by Orletta Cross

Bennie & OrlettaBennie and I met on a blind date via his cousin Angie.  Angie and I used to hang out together and she had recently went to a family reunion and saw Bennie there.  She told him that she knew someone who she thought he might like and gave him my number.  He called and we talked on the phone a couple of times before deciding to  go out.  Our first date was a movie, Rosewood.  It was the summer of '96.  When I first saw him, I thought he was cute enough but too young, he had a really young looking face.  Physically, he appeared to be in really good shape; big arms and chest, small waist, nice size legs.  He had on a nice pair of shoes and was dressed casual.  He drove a big black oversized Blazer that was clean and smelled good.  While watching the movie he moved to put his arm around me and I let him, which I later found out was a good move on my part because he considered me to be sincere and down to earth.

He dropped me off at home after the movies and I let him kiss me on the forehead (which I thought was cute.)  We continued to date and at that time I was also dating someone else.  So for the first year of our relationship, I really didn't devote the time needed to get to know Bennie.  I thought he was too young, too country, and a weird sense of humor.  However, once I realized that the other relationship I was in was going nowhere, I decided to give Bennie my undivided attention.  Also, something in my Spirit kept telling me that Bennie was "the one".  He was everything I had on "my list", respectful, loving, handsome, funny (although he had a unique sense of humor that I had to get used to & didn't appreciate at first), independent, motivated to go further in life, etc.  After really getting to know him that second year - I went with him to his family reunion during the summer of '97 and really saw how he operated around his parents and siblings - I recognized that I would be stupid to mess this up.  Coming out of several abusive relationships (physical and/or emotional), I had to allow myself to receive the love that Bennie was giving and understand that I deserved it.  I learned to appreciate his honesty in how he felt about things going on in our relationship and we really seemed to talk and have meaningful conversations more than any other relationship I'd been in.  We got engaged in August of '98 and were married Sept. 4, 1999.

Bennie & Orletta